佐香智久 ー 少年とロボット

Tkun’s new song from his single that.he.will be releasing on the 6th of August!

Please do not reupload anywhere! Thank you


If you may already know, they will be back this June, and a few of us have got together and thought of making a fan tshirt to welcome them, and we hope that more people will be able to join us!

Sorry for the really tight deadline :x but we’ll be closing orders 6.59pm on the 24th.
and i’ll need a deposit of $15 each by 2pm on the 25th~ (by bank transfer)
Estimated cost of the shirt should be around $17~$18 each~

Please fill up this form if you’re interested


Selling this at 800 yen (Original price) Brand New unopened. (this is a good luck charm for your studies btw XD link to product page)

Price does not include shipping or paypal fees yet~ (Shipping from Singapore. unreg airmail should only cost around $1+)

Let me know if you’re interested!

Photo Set

because..because… i never expected to get a 2nd reply from him TAT

a little late but if anyone still needs the single here

and because im hoping to make some Tkun fan friends , please feel free to add me on twitter and do drop me a hi or something! :D ( of course i do like other utaites too! currently into COF and Nero~ but of course my list is still endlessly expanding.. TAT )


Tkun’s「魔法の夜と不思議なワルツ」preview which he played on his livestream (finally watched it today ;A;)

The song is really cute and it really suits his voice! 

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/is a really happy girl right now ;A; Thank god for choosing cdj this time XD shakjd. so yes my copy arrived today and you can find it here ^^


TODAY’S LIVE WAS SO AWESOME. They were so sooo kind i was really touched. Like how the actually sang an extra song for people who came late ;A; here’s my copy with signatures from all 3 of them! (The album actually got sold out halfway~)



Photo Set

Had the chance to attend his first one-man live on Saturday♥ and this was given out at the venue ^^ (please do not reupload anywhere else. thanks)